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I’m in love…with Stone Fabrics

I had a very exciting treat in the mail today.

I first heard about Stone Fabrics from the lovely Karen of Did You Make That? When I saw they were based in Totnes, I was a little disappointed, but I soon perked up when I saw their mail order Cloth Club.

For £30 a year, I get 6o fabric samples every quarter. And oh what samples! The quality is amazing, with quite a few designer fabrics thrown in. I had a lovely time sorting them all into order and matching them with their descriptions on the listing. Here are a few of my favourites.

This dusky pink cord might look quite ordinary, but it’s 10% cashmere and feels butter soft. I think I’ll be snapping this up to make myself some Clover trousers (post baby of course!).

Gorgeous genuine Missoni knit. I’m not sure what I’d do with this, and at £29.65 it’s a bit pricey to go into my stash, but it is pretty.

Blue check brushed cotton – this’ll be perfect for PJs!

And my absolute favourite, a gorgeous Chanel style grey tweed. I’ll be snapping up a couple of metres of this to make myself a winter coat.

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