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How to get sewing inspiration online – Part 2

In Part 1 we checked out what other sewists were doing, now why not look a little wider for colour palette inspiration?

Flickr by colour

MultiColr Search Labs is a genius site that lets you search Flickr by colourscheme. Just drag up to 5 colours onto the palette and it will come up with a gorgeous mosaic of coordinating photos.

Above you can see what it came up with when I searched for pink, red, orange and turquoise.

Colour lovers

If even coming up with a colour scheme is beyond your blocked brain, another great site for colour and pattern inspiration is colourlovers.

It’s a site where people upload their colour schemes and patterns, with over a million palettes uploaded and rated by viewers. I love thought provoking, which would be a great palette for my winter wardrobe.

Design Seeds

Another great site for fashion inspiration is Design Seeds. I love just browsing through and picking up ideas.

See, even a slice of pie can inspire a new frock!

Once I’ve got a few colours in mind, I start to look through patterns and think about what would work.

Where do you get your colour palette inspiration?

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